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March 23, 2016
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March 23, 2016
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GRP Cable Trays

Delta GRP Cable Management Systems (A Complete GRP System)

TransDelta int’l industries, since its inception in 1998 has gone long way in emerging a unique cable management system which is adapted to for Middle East Atmospheric condition. Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays has a Maxi-mum life of 6 to 8 years from the installation time. SS 316 can offer 30-40 years of life span, but at the same time it is exorbitantly costlier for normal projects.

So our long trusted clients and customers started chasing to find an alternative mechanism. So our research and development team came up with Glass Reinforced Polyester solution. Thus we decided to manufacture GRP cable Trays under ever winning brand name DELTA to cater our wide base of customers and clients.

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TransDelta supplies a wide range of GRP Cables Trays to Fibre struts (Unistrut Type profiles) all of which can be supplied in various sizes. The majority of our GRP cable trays is produced via the pultruded process. This process allows the use of different resin systems depending upon the application. GRP Cable trays and GRP ducting are invaluable products and offer excellent properties.
  • Low installation costsØ Strong and light weightØ UV stable and can be made to any fire rating.Ø Resistant to electromagnetic waves and lower-life to cycle costØ No earthing connector required
  • No heat transmission from tray to the cables when exposed to direct Sunlight.
  • Quick installation since easy to cut and drill
  • 40% lighter than Steel and complete corrosion resistant even in contact with salt.
  • Excellent insulators
  • Life span costs
The Pultrusion process over view: Pultrusion is a continuous process of roving’s, or mat/roving bundles, which are drawn through a resin impregnated bath to coat each fibre with a specially formulated resin mixture. The impregnated fibres are drawn through a heated die which forms the desired cross section. Curing the thermo set resin in initiated by the heat in the die and catalyst in the resin. The rate of reaction is controlled by heating of the die. The resulting high unidirectional strength profile is cut to length and ready to be used in the Delta Cable Management system.