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July 12, 2015
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March 14, 2016
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Delta Cable Tray

Metallic Delta Cable trays are manufactured for the smooth and easy pulling of cable from one point to another to BS EN 61537:2002.  We have designed the best cable trays, by taking care of cable loads and practical site problems.  Wherever possible all fitting are made of state of art single piece construction.  Slotting Patterns are in such a way that it enables the easy cutting and joining at any point without drilling at site.  Design allows greater cable filling capacity and smooth turning at bends.

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  • Pregalvanized steel or hot dip galvanized steel before fabrication (HDGBF) as per BS EN 1042
  • Hot dip Galvanized after fabrication (HDGAF) as per BS EN 1461
  • Epoxy polyester Powder coating to any RAL Colour
  • Aluminium Cable Tray
  • Stainless Steel cable tray to AISI 304 and AIS 316L
Cable Trays Types available
  1. Light Duty Cable Tray (P Type)
  2. Medium Duty Cable Tray (M Type)
  3. Heavy Duty Cable Tray (R Type)
Cable Tray Accessories Couplers are supplied in pairs with eight sets of M6 x 16 mm roofing bolts, nuts & washers.  Order the same fastening to join fittings with cable trays.
  • Wrap over Coupler
  • Bend Coupler
  • Plate Coupler
  • Adjustable Horizontal Coupler
  • Adjustable Vertical Coupler
  • Blind End
  • Fish Plate
  • Dropout
  • U Coupler
  • Divider
  • Fastenings
  • Earth Continuity connector.
Support Systems for Delta Cable Tray While ordering cantilever bracket and cantilever arm a safe working distance of 30 mm is to be added to width of the tray.  (Example: for 100 mm tray DEB 130) supplied without fastenings. Cable Tray Covers and Fixing Details
  • Straight covers upto 300mm needs four sets of clamps.
  • 450mm and above needs six clamps to fix cover.
  • Normal flange height of cover is 12mm.
  • Fittings normally needs four clamps.  for wider ones 5 clamps needed.
  • Re-inforcing type of profile is used in wider covers.
  • Covers equal to and above 600mm can be available in 1.5 meter long.