New tests have been performed in a very unique place in February 2016 : a Brazilian lab able to generate current chocks of more than 200,000 Amperes. It is to be reminded that labs worldwide are on average capable of generating 30kA. Professor José Pissolato Filho is a very renowned international lightning scientist. He already cooperated in the past with Indelec on Cachoeira Paulista In-Situ Lightning Testing facility. Prof Pissolato Filho is working for one of the most famous Latin America universities, UNICAMP in Campinas, Brazil. He is testing in his ultra-powerful laboratory the reliability of highly sensitive airplane components submitted to lightning discharges. During these tests, two models of PREVECTRON®3 Early Streamer Emission air terminals (S60 and TS 25) have been successfully submitted to three consecutive discharges of 200 kA (NF C 17 102 Annex C requires three consecutive 100kA discharges only). A final test has then been conducted, up to the limits of the generators: 230,000A discharge, ie. 2.8 times the Specific Energy required by the standard! The release of such results represents a unique achievement for the PREVECTRON®3 Early Streamer Emission air terminal and demonstrates the technical capabilities of the Lightning Innovation & Research Institute (LiRi). These tests have been officially validated, certificates are available on request.